American roulette is one of the three standard variants, alongside European and French, and essentially differs from the others only in the additional double zero, which doubles the house advantage of the game. In the true sense of the word, American roulette was the original variant, the game was invented in the 17th century with 38 numbers and only later was the double zero removed in order to reduce the house advantage. But where are the exact differences? This page is intended to inform you about it.

Where To Play American Roulette Online

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American roulette Basics

Although American roulette is largely similar, there are some significant differences from French roulette. Basically, the American variant is designed to allow you to play roulette faster. There are fewer croupiers because players place their bets themselves. Accordingly, the American roulette table is smaller. Both the game language and the layout are in English.

The layout is of course also arranged numerically. In the cauldron, the colors, which are also alternately marked with red or black, follow a different order.

American roulette is played with 38 numbers. In addition to the zero, there is a double zero. Number and combination bets without zero or double zero are lost. Half of the easy chances are returned to the player.


The American version also features the so-called racetrack on the layout. This is used for the series games by showing the numbers as they actually follow one another in the cauldron. The racetrack thus offers an easy way to place bets on series without announcement.

Using the double zero increases the casino’s house edge in American Roulette to 5.3%. Consequently, only 94.7% of the real money stakes are paid back to the players in the long term. The casino brings in almost double the profit at a table with American roulette than with a table with the French or European variant.

American roulette betting

American roulette offers a variety of different betting options, each with its own odds and payout type. The bets are divided into two categories:

Inside bets

Inside bets – are made on a specific number or a small group of adjacent numbers. These bets offer a high payout but a low probability of occurrence.

Types of inside bets:

Bet name:Bet:Payout
Straight up betOn a single number35:1
Split betTwo adjacent numbers17:1
Street betThree numbers on a line11:1
Corner betFour numbers with a joint corner8:1
Basket bet5 number bet on the first 5 numbers5:1
Line betSix numbers on two adjacent lines5:1

Outside bets

Outside bets – are made on one of the 2 to 1 or 1 to 1 bets offered on the outside of the roulette table. Here the payouts are significantly lower than those for inside bets, but the probability of winning a bet is noticeably higher.

Types of outside bets:

Bet name:Bet:Payout
ColumnAny of the 3 columns2:1
DozenAny of the 3 dozens2:1
Red/BlackRed or Black number1:1
Even/OddEven or Odd number1:1
Low/HighLow 18 or High 18 numbers1:1

Our conclusion

American roulette is the perfect classic for players with the highest demands, for whom no game can be fast enough. For the average consumer, however, this version can only be recommended to a limited extent. You have to concentrate hard and make quick decisions – two factors that are certainly not for everyone. But: Ultimately, it is American roulette that has made this form of classic entertainment what it is today. You can give it a try at the low limits. Otherwise, our tip: Just try the digital version to get a feel for the handling.