The best sports betting tricks

The first bet is quickly placed thanks to hundreds of betting providers and the possibilities of the World Wide Web. However, so that you not only place your bets quickly, but also successfully, you should observe a few basic tricks. therefore shows you how to make a tailor-made start.

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For some they are a small sideline, for others more than just a hobby: sports betting. The team has also fallen for the odds fever and has been dealing with the matter for some time.

We offer you the best betting experience and share our experiences with the community on our daily updated website on everything to do with sports betting. So that you too can get started, we will start with the ten best tips and tricks for successful sports betting.


Choosing the best betting providers in India is a deterrent, especially for those new to sports betting. The betting market is booming and new bookmakers are springing up almost every day. Choosing the right bookie seems difficult.

Quota hunters from India therefore often make it easy for themselves and register with Marathon Bet. You know the popular betting provider from friends and advertising. But instead of blindly swimming with the flow, you should dare to look over the horizon – it’s worth it!

Because MarathonBet is by far not the best betting provider. In terms of bet selection, odds and live ticker, the Maltese bookie is “only” at a good level. We are also looking in vain for a betting configurator or live stream.

Make a pre-selection based on objective evaluation criteria. Then think about what else is important to you with a betting provider. Take a look at the Casinoid’s Online Casino Reviews and bookmaker comparison to find your favorites in the bookie jungle.



After you have decided on a bookmaker and a corresponding welcome bonus, the first bet can be placed. But what is better to bet on? Team sport or individual sport? There is disagreement even among sports betting experts. Because both have their advantages and disadvantages.


In team sports, such as soccer, a team can also play strongly when a player has a bad day – that’s a big advantage. One disadvantage, however, is that we have to classify the form and performance of 22 different actors. The difficulty can be compared with the long combination bets:

The more variables, the more complicated it becomes and the less likely we are to end up being right.

And that is also the advantage in individual sport. In tennis or biathlon, for example, we only need to assess the performance of one or two athletes. Individual sport is therefore much more predictable and better suited for analysis.

The disadvantage of individual sports: if our favorite fails, the bet is lost. Therefore, one should bet on very consistent athletes. You shouldn’t bet on unsteady athletes like tennis player Alexander Zverev, who can outgrow himself against favorites or lose against the clear underdog.

Overall, individual sports are more predictable. However, one should only bet on consistent and reliable athletes. You should also be familiar with the relevant sport.



The odds analysis is an extremely extensive topic, which we will deal with in great detail elsewhere. Nevertheless, we give you a brief overview of the most important facts about the best betting odds.

Sportsbettings tips

Because many sports betting lovers play purely according to statistics – a calculation that does not work out in the long term. The following applies: If you only play according to statistics, you are guided solely by the probabilities. And the quotas are based on exactly this. In the end, the bank always wins.

You will not be able to avoid one or the other statistic, but a professional betting analysis takes a lot more than that. What is the situation in the table? Is the game a derby? Has there been a change of coach? What is the mental situation of the players like? Are important actors dropping out? How could the game between the teams go?

All of this must be taken into account for the perfect betting odds – and much more. Therefore, it is best to bet on matches of teams that are familiar to you at the beginning. Because you have most of the background knowledge for these teams. However, it becomes dangerous if you are too subjective. Take off the fan glasses before looking at the odds.

Don’t just look at the statistics. Take into account all the factors that can affect the odds. The more time you invest, the more stable the foundation of your chosen bet will be. In the end, you still need the necessary luck.



Who does not know the long receipts betting slips of players who hope to secure early retirement with a euro bet? But in the end they usually get nothing.

Our advice: Play your odds individually. And if it has to be a combination bet, take two, maximum three bets. The problem with the combinations is that several game predictions have to occur. This is not only damn difficult, but also usually unlikely.

Even supposedly safe bets usually turn into a lottery when combined. It’s tough enough to predict a game very well. But three at once? This is a master task and requires a lot of luck.

Use the betting configurator to get your desired odds.
If you really want to try a combination bet, then the bet configurator is a good alternative instead. With this you can combine several odds of a game.

From betting on the winner to the number of goals, cards, corners or free kicks, there are tons of options open to you. Thus, you combine yourself to the desired quota, but you only have to correctly predict the course of a game in order to win.

Bet mainly on single bets or a maximum of 2-3 games per betting slip. If you really want to combine, use the bet configurator. This way you get high odds and only have to analyze and forecast one game.



Live odds are particularly popular with many sports betting fans. Because the further course of the game can be assessed well after the first few minutes of the game. Were we correct with our analysis? Or is the game going differently than expected?

In case of doubt, we can take countermeasures with a well-placed live bet. If, for example, we are expecting a bitter defensive battle in which no team wants to lose, we can change our minds with a live bet if the game is reversed and still bet on “over goals”.

You can also opt for live betting only. Then you only hand in your ticket when you have got a picture of the game. How you go about it is up to you. In any case, we recommend that you only bet on games that you can follow live in order to counteract if necessary.

Live bets are useful if the odds that you analyzed before the start of the game are in danger. In that case, you can take countermeasures with live odds. In general, live betting is also a great option.



The feeling of defeat comes up again and again in life – together with disappointment, sadness or anger. The extent is a little different for everyone. While you might win the next game at the board game evening, betting can quickly get you into a vicious circle.

Because the so-called “counter bets” are dangerous and can get really expensive. Bad losers and players with little self-control should therefore be very careful when betting.

We advise you to wait after a lost bet and take your time until the next bet. Betting blindly on the next best odds to allegedly recover your loss works in the rarest of cases.

In our website, too, we repeatedly meet Indian players who ask about a possible bet late in the evening. Often it is players who have previously lost and are on the path to making amends.

Avoid frustration bets. Instead, only bet on odds that you wanted to bet on anyway. That saves nerves and money.



Many sports betting groups and betting platforms advertise their safe tips and charge one-time or monthly monetary contributions. Refrain from it! Because the tips are mostly average at best.

Also consider: If the tips could keep the promised quality, they would probably be free to find. Because then the sports betting groups could secure themselves substantial profits. Instead, the fees are earned solely from the hope of ignorant players.

Also, you should never send money for “purchased” or “safe” games. Because even if they are: Here you are making yourself liable to prosecution! In addition, the betting provider has the right to subsequently cancel the bet in the event of manipulation.

Instead, only trust free providers like Because here you will find exciting forecasts and attractive odds without having to pay for them. Instead, you benefit from the great weather experience of our tipsters and easily bet on different sports. Just take a look at our current sports betting tips.

Never pay money for betting tips. Because that speaks for fraud or low odds.


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